LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Veteran Wilson Robert Selick was laid to rest today at the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery. Selick, who passed nearly a year ago, was homeless.

His brothers and sisters in arms stood as family by his side one last time. Unfortunately, this veteran’ story is like that of many.

“We want to be able to stand with one flag, shoulder to shoulder, with one another,” said Chaplain Major Jeremy Miller.

He and all others in uniform share an unbreakable bond.

"I really don't know a lot about his history or how long he was in this condition,” Jerry Asby said, Assistant State Captain for the Arkansas Patriots Guard Riders.

U.S Army veteran Wilson Robert Selick was born Oct. 22, 1947 and died July 12, 2017.

He may have not have taken his last breath on the battlefield, but that doesn't change his legacy.

“Whenever the Veteran's Hospital or representatives from the Patriot Guard finds there's a veteran who passed away, whether homeless or without any family and friends to be at a service, we're notified,” Miller said.

Wednesday the Military Funeral Honors Team, Patriot Guard and others in uniform raised their hand to their brother for the last time.

"I feel a sense of grief and sorrow because this veteran died alone,” said Ashby.

Selick was found dead in a Little Rock hotel last summer. Since then no known family has been found.

“We want to be able to lay those to rest who don't have family members around, husbands, children or wives, to be there at their side,” Miller said.

“At one time he served our country, wore a uniform and had his life together. Somewhere along the way he went off track,” added Ashby.

Strangers, still family.

“It's hard to believe that we can drive past them in our fancy cars and not, in some way, be touched by that,” Ashby said.

Miller said that some at the service received notice as late as yesterday evening and others were notified just this morning, but all came out to help make today possible.