LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Pinnacle Mountain State Park has completely closed down because of bad flooding.

Park Ranger Cale Davenport said the entrance to the West Summit trail is completely underwater. He said the summit began to flood about four days ago.

"We want the park to be open as much as anybody else. But until it's safe for visitors, we won't be able to make that happen,” Davenport said.

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He said it is all back water from the Arkansas River through the Little Maumelle River. He said the area does flood about 5 to 6 times a year, but he has never seen the water stick around for this long. Crews worked to sandbag the outhouse in the parking lot before flood waters moved in.

"We did a couple preparations to make sure if it did flood that it would be mitigated,” Davenport said.

All areas around the mountain are closed off. Climbing is considered trespassing.

"Due to the flooding in all the areas on the Arkansas River, emergency services are stretched very thin. Typically when we have an emergency on the mountain, we may have to have somebody to carry it out. We may need 15-20 people. Right now, we don't have that,” Davenport said.

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Davenport says it is unclear exactly when Pinnacle Mountain State Park will open back up.

"It's not going to be overnight. This is going to be a prolonged event,” he said.

Davenport said it could take three to four days just for the water to go down, and then they also have to take care of any damage the park may have received.