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LRPD reminds people to lock their car doors and take out valuable items

As Little Rock police see more vehicle break-ins, officers are making sure people are aware of how to stay safe.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — The Little Rock Police Department is making people aware of more car break-ins and thefts.

Officers tell THV11, last year alone they saw around 1,000 auto break-ins and thefts. Of those, more than 100 break-ins were because items of value were left inside in the car.

Now, Little Rock police are hearing a myth of why it's better to leave your car unlocked to prevent someone from breaking in.

"It says if you leave your doors unlocked then someone won't break out your car windows when they are going through your car," said Lieutenant Casey Clark of the Little Rock Police Department.

The department says this is a not true statement to prevent crime. Officers say from the national and local statistics, thieves will still open your car doors and go through your belongings. 

Officers say there are better ways to keep you from being a victim of theft.

"Something we have found, if you don't leave anything inside your car, visible at least, then they won't break out your car windows," said Lt. Clark.

Officers say if there is a line of cars on the street and a thief knows one car has a laptop in plain sight versus one that has no valuable items in sight, the criminal is more likely to break into the car with the laptop.

Little Rock police recommend people to take out any valuable items of your car, especially overnight.

They also recommend people to take any spare keys out of your car.