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Family who lost home in Little Rock tornado has second chance at new beginning

Just minutes after moving into their new Little Rock home, it was destroyed by the tornado in March. Now, the family has a second chance at a new beginning.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We first told you about the Axelrad family back at the start of April when the new Arkansans from Texas had just moved into their home on March 31— the day of the tornado.

Just minutes after the moving truck pulled away, the tornado hit their home directly.

"Hectic, blessed, hectic," Val Axelrad said.

She added that the months since have not been easy. But that's in the past, and now they can focus on what's next.

"It's going to be lovely once we moved in," she said.

There's good news to share here. Axelrad closed on her new home on Monday.

Though they haven't moved in yet, plans are already in the works.

"The eight-foot fence all the way around with automatic gates, so our dog won't jump," Axelrad said.

She's already looking forward to the good memories they're going to make, memories she said should've come at the old home.

"Unfortunately, as a human, we all have these exaggerated expectations, and we did on this house," she said. "This was gonna be the house that she took her first steps in."

Axelrad also said they wouldn't be where they are without the help of the Central Arkansas community. From their realtor to the crews cleaning up the damage, she said it's thanks to them that they're able to be here.

Though it's been tough to keep going through this, she said that is what has helped her keep going.

"There's a reason God put our feet pointing forward," Axelrad said. "If He had wanted us to go backward, He would have put our toes on the backside too."

The material loss from the storm was pretty significant for them and Axelrad said despite not having much right now they can replace what was lost.

She's just grateful her family is safe— and has been using humor to get her through this too.

"I will tell you, if another tornado comes over here, we are going back to Texas!" she said. "There's no if's, and's or but's, we are going back to Texas!"

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