LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — 11 Listens viewers have asked about a new scam, where Entergy customers are getting calls about a past due bill. The caller tells them they have an hour to pay or they'll be cut off.

Viewers want to know if these phone calls are something to worry about, so we talked to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to address their concerns.

“Entergy has confirmed with us that they are not making these phone calls. Folks, this is a scam," Rutledge said.

Rutledge said her office has seen a significant spike in complaints about utility imposter scams.

“Already in January, we have received over 100 phone calls from Arkansans stating that they are getting phone calls from utility companies -- particularly from Entergy," she said.  

Often, the callers threaten to shut off electric, natural gas or water services after asking the customer to give them a credit card number immediately.  

“Do not give them your personal financial information. Do not give them your bank account number. Do not give them your credit card number over the phone,” Rutledge said.

Instead, call your utility company directly. Entergy issued a press release on the matter saying, "If a customer's bill is overdue, they will get notice in writing with a shutoff date."

So, the next time the phone rings and the caller threatens you take action, hang up and call your provider.

“Pay in person, pay online, put the check in the mail in the envelop that the utility sent it in, but do not give out your personal financial information," she said.

Again, call 1-800-ENTERGY to confirm any account information. Also report scammers to the local police and the Attorney General's office of Consumer Protection.

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This isn't the only scam like this going around, as North Little Rock, Conway and Little Rock police have reported scams of callers pretending to be officers that demand money for fines. 

When in doubt, hang up and directly call the business itself.