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This Arkansas coffee shop blends Ukrainian and Italian cultures

Coffee Corner is becoming quite popular in central Arkansas due to its mixture of traditional Italian coffee and Ukrainian-influenced dishes.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — This week’s story is one about finding true love, overcoming adversity, and realizing your destiny. 

Oh, and good coffee, too!  

Yuliia Kornitska and Bruno Muskaj met while working on a cruise ship and fell in love. Eventually the native Ukranian and Italian would move back home in hopes of opening their dream coffee shop. 

Months of hard work and effort leading up to their grand opening was washed away when COVID forced lockdowns in their home country. While they were crushed, they weren’t broken.  

Soon they would receive a call asking them to come to Arkansas. Their first response? Where is Arkansas? What continent? They would soon learn, and just like they fell in love with each other, they’d fall in love with the Natural State.  

While now living here, they still longed to open a coffee shop. Coffee is a way of life for Bruno. His earliest memories are drinking coffee and learning how to make espresso with his Italian grandmother at the age of 5.  

Just as they did before, they’d once again pour everything they have into opening their dream. This time here in central Arkansas, calling it the "Coffee Corner." 

But it’s not any regular coffee. True to Bruno’s roots, it’s classic Italian coffee. 

For those unfamiliar, it’s a much less-sweet brew. Italian coffee emphasizes the coffee itself, not additives. By using less sugar, Bruno said that you can truly taste and appreciate the taste of the coffee.  

While Bruno handles the coffee, Yuliia serves up some amazing food, much of which has Ukrainian influence. From puff pastries with mashed potatoes and mushrooms to sweet danishes and croissants, there’s no shortage of menu options. 

So, whether you’re looking for sweet or savory, breakfast or lunch, Coffee Corner is sure to leave you satisfied.  

For a couple who has literally traveled the world, one can’t help but ask “why Arkansas?” 

Well, Yuliaa enthusiastically answers that question with “Why not Arkansas?” 

We couldn’t agree more. For Yuliia and Bruno, they believe the challenges they’ve faced led them to their destiny, right here in central Arkansas.  

The Coffee Corner is located at 9823 Maumelle Boulevard in North Little Rock and is open from 6 a.m.-2 p.m. each day. 

They have plans to open a second location in downtown Little Rock within the coming weeks. For their full menu, and some hilarious behind the scenes social media content, check out their Facebook. 


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