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Activists react to spree of 15 shootings over the weekend in Little Rock

Little Rock police, Arkansas State Police, and Pulaski County sheriffs have worked together to investigate after a spree of 15 shootings happened over the weekend.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Over the course of the weekend, Little Rock saw a spree of violent crimes.

The Little Rock Police Department has confirmed 15 shootings, with three people dead in a 26-hour time span.

Community activists, like Pastor Walter Crockran with the organization 'Arkansas Stop the Violence' said they were shocked, disappointed, and angry to hear the news.

"In a small place like Little Rock, Arkansas, that's very disturbing, that's very disturbing," Crockran said. 'But even one, like we were saying earlier, even one, that's a disturbing rate right there. We should come together as a community, and love one another."

Two victims of those shootings have been identified. 

58-year-old Dwayne Thompson died in the shooting at 3M Road and Frazier Pike on Sunday, and 23-year-old Glen Finley died on S. Rodney Parham Rd on Saturday. 

A third unidentified victim died on Sunday at a Valero gas station. That victim is waiting for identification.

Crockran added that any life lost is one too many, but Finley's death stings, because he was so young and didn't even get a chance to fully live his life.

"This can happen to anyone, but a 23-year-old losing their life, they have all this life ahead of them, and they're losing their life to nonsense, that's a shame," he said. "We just have to value lives, we have to get back to the area where we value people's lives, and be able to sit down and talk about various things when we have a problem with someone."

Crockran stated that while mentorship programs do work, there's work that can be done at home, too. He's seen success in keeping kids out of trouble when parents get involved and work alongside those mentorship programs.

Members of  'Arkansas Stop the Violence' sent a letter to Governor Asa Hutchinson, that asks the Governor to seek help in getting illegal weapons off the streets of the Capital City.

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