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Cyclist who died during Big Dam Bridge 100, friend of Sherwood cyclist killed in July

John Mundell was killed while cycling last July. His good friend Jim Krause, who lead his memorial ride, tragically died this weekend during the Big Dam Bridge 100.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — When John Mundell was killed while riding his bicycle in Sherwood back in July, Jim Krause and the rest of the cycling community made sure John would always be remembered.

"It's hard. It's always on my mind," Kimberly Mundell said.

Kimberly, John Mundell's wife, is still left with unanswered questions about who killed her husband. John was riding his bike on Highway 107 in Sherwood on July 18 when a hit-and-run driver struck him from behind.

"It's the underlying theme of everything right now," she said.

But Kimberly said even though the pain has not gotten any easier, there was always one person there to make sure John would be not be forgotten.

"I couldn't tell you how many rides [John] had ridden with Jim," Kimberly said.

Jim Krause organized the memorial ride for John in Fort Smith earlier this month and even prayed for John with cyclists just before the ride started. He also made the trip from Fort Smith to Little Rock to be there when a "ghost bike" was placed in John's honor at the scene where he was hit.

"He had become a friend of mine as well and just did so many wonderful things. He spoke at John’s memorial service and just had so many things to say about John," Kimberly said.

But Krause died while cycling himself, during the Big Dam Bridge 100 on Saturday. Kimberly said learning about Krause's death was tough to hear.

"It's been barely over two months since John died, and to have another tragic incident like this in such a short amount of time with two wonderful men from the same cycling club in Northwest Arkansas... I'm still struggling to process John's death, let alone another person in that group," Kimberly said.

Kimberly said John and Krause met five years ago while riding together on the Big Dam Bridge. When John died, cyclists wrote notes to John to remember the times spent together. Krause also wrote a letter, and it reads:

"One day soon, my friend I will see you again. We will ride 77...Till then, pave the way with Jesus at your side. We'll carry on your legacy and then...together...we will ride!

 Love you, brother, Jim Krouse." 

While Kimberly said Krause's death hits too close to home, she said she knows he and John are riding together again in heaven.

"His friends and family can tell you tons of more stories. He and his wife have just been amazing to us and all the Mundell family," Kimberly said.

Sherwood Police are still looking for that driver that hit John Mundell. Detectives are searching for an early 2000s silver Hyundai Elantra Hatchback.

Credit: Sherwood Police

A $1,000 reward is also being offered for anyone that comes forward with information that could lead police to the suspect.


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