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Family wants answers after house floods for 3rd time in 4 years

A Bryant woman is cleaning up and wanting answers after flooding damaged her house Tuesday night.

BRYANT, Ark. — A Bryant woman is cleaning up and wanting answers after flooding damaged her house Tuesday night.

"We prepare for things like this,” said Alindria Jordan, a Bryant woman.

Jordan is exhausted trying time and time again to save her Bryant home off Hilltop Road from destructive floodwaters.

"It happens every two years, maybe,” said Jordan.

She and her family were hit hard in 2017.

They were rescued by boat from their home.

And fast forward to this week, flooding impacted their house again, and it’s the third time since 2017.  

The Jordan Family has to replace their back fence once again after floodwaters damaged it Tuesday night.

"We just need answers. The city of Bryant, Corps of Engineers, the developer, the builder, someone, we need answers,” pled Jordan.

The city of Bryant said Jordan's neighborhood lies close to an Army Corps regulated stream and very close to a flood plain.

"The result, it's the outfall of a big portion of water that leaves Bryant on the northeast side, and when that water backs up, it backs up into that neighborhood,” said Ted Taylor, Bryant city engineer.

Taylor said say they are working on finding a solution for the problem.

They are looking to repair culvert crossings along the stream.

"It's going to be extremely expensive. Culvert crossings can go anywhere from $500,000 to $700,000 a repair,” said Taylor.  

The Jordan’s are left with a mess inside, they are mostly concerned about the carpet, hoping it's not ruined.

They say their guards are always up until the problem is solved.

"We will just prepare and do what we can to minimize damage, and then hopefully there will be a solution one day,” said Jordan

After Bryant experienced flooding last year, the city used $1 million on simple flood projects.

The city is now seeing improvements from that work; however, this job specifically will take more time and more money.

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