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Sherwood looking to craft a bicycle, pedestrian master plan in honor of cyclist killed 2 years ago

The city of Sherwood is creating a bicycle and pedestrian master plan to honor the life of John Mundell, a cyclist killed in a hit-and-run incident in 2019.

SHERWOOD, Ark. — The city of Sherwood is creating a bicycle and pedestrian master plan, and they could use your help bringing it to life.

"It's definitely much needed here in the city,” Kimberly Mundell, a Sherwood advisory committee member, said.

Mundell serves as a committee member. She's also the wife of John Mundell, the Sherwood cyclist who lost his life in July 2019 after a hit-and-run driver left him lying along Highway 107.

She realizes how important this would be for the city.

"There are no bike lanes here," Mundell said. "John was very adept at riding his bike on roadways like this and sharing the roads with motorists but not everyone is.”

Mundell is helping the city spearhead the cycle and pedestrian master plan in hopes to improve Sherwood's infrastructure, which would better protect those who want to cycle, jog, and walk.

"There's just not consistency for walkers and cyclists,” Mundell said.

The advisory committee has met to discuss potential bike lanes and trails, but now the city needs input from the community.

They've built a survey hoping to get your feedback and ideas.

"We are looking at where are potential places that some plans could go, or changes could go, to make Sherwood a more livable safe community,” she said.

Mundell believes with a solid master plan also comes a lot of economic benefits.

"Where we go when we ride, we may stop and grab a bite to eat. We may visit frequent convenient stores, and that's money being spent across the river," Mundell said. "There's just so much potential here and I'm so glad to see that things are moving forward.”

You can find a link to the survey on the City of Sherwood Facebook page

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