CONWAY, Ark. — The city of Conway is preparing UCA students and staff for the future construction of Donaghey Ave. that will add three more roundabouts to the city.

Bobby Kelly, the spokesperson for the city, spoke with students Thursday about the future construction. Donaghey is the busiest street in Conway, with about 18-thousand drivers using it every day.

"It's going to be a three-year project that's going to inconvenience a lot of people," Kelly said.

Donaghey will be completely be rebuilt from Dave Ward Drive to Prince Street. 

The new roundabouts will be at Donaghey and Prince, Donaghey and College and  Donaghey and Caldwell.

Bicycle tracks will also be added— a first in central Arkansas. Reflective crosswalks for students are also included in the project.

"It'll be off the road and you can ride your bicycle on it. It's going to be protected from traffic, pedestrians," Kelly said.

The purpose of the project is to increase safety for everyone.

"Whether you're in a car, on a bike or you're walking," Kelly said.

Students like Rose McGarrity are excited to see better sidewalks and crosswalks.

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"There's a lot of students that walk across Donaghey at night. I think just adding the construction of those things would be really helpful," McGarrity said.

Utility work has already begun along Donaghey in preparation for that construction, so drivers should start expecting delays.

“We don’t want to rebuild this brand new road and then a month after that have some old utility break or a sewer line breaks and they have to dig all that up again," Kelly said.

Kelly said construction on the actual road should begin sometime this summer.

Once construction of these roundabouts is completed along with one coming up at Salem and Irby, it brings the city's roundabout count to thirty-one.